Jen Campbell’s consulting services

Personalized small business and personal brand consultation

Your business is built on your brand.


You have an idea for a business, or are ready to scale your existing business, but get overwhelmed with all the logistics.  You just need a plan to get started.


You know where you want to end up, but it’s the plan to get there that slows you down.

You’re tired of feeling stuck in your business spinning your wheels and not getting the traction you know is possible.


You wouldn’t be where you are today without your personal and business strengths. It’s time to use them to build your brand.


You need an expert to cut through the noise.

Friends, family and strangers are full of advice and opinions about your business or idea. Their well intentioned advice might be outdated, or wrong for your industry or business type.


You need someone you can trust with business acumen and connections to create a strategy to move forward as quickly as possible.

  • Fortune 500 companies and small family run businesses
  • Service-based and physical product businesses
  • Brick and mortar and virtual businesses

Ideal for virtual community leaders, small business owners and microinfluencers.

Pay for consultation session below: