Cringe Forward

It’s not embarrassing to be yourself.

Join our online community of women entrepreneurs.  Get inspiration, encouragement and accountability to show up just as you are, cringe and all, and create content to grow your business.

Cringe Forward and Create. 

$9/mo or $99/yr

@the_cringey_mom Join us at Cringe Forward is a community for women entrepreneurs for accountability, confidence and creative ideas to Cringe Forward and create content on social media. We're your content cheerleaders @the_cringey_mom #CringeForward #contentcreation #rawthenticity #womenoftiktok #womenentrepreneurs ♬ original sound - The Cringey Mom - Jen Campbell

Your voice has value.

Connect, Collaborate, and Create Content

Cringe Forward – An online community for women entrepreneurs creating content to build their businesses online.

In the Cringe Forward Community we:

  • Celebrate weekly wins in our businesses & lives
  • Share our stories with rawthenticity (raw authenticity) on social media 
  • Create accountability to do the stuff that you’ve committed to do to grow your business (Yes, like posting that TikTok or Reel)
  • Share tools, resources and best practices for content creation

$9/mo or $99/yr

Listen to the Cringe Forward Podcast

Women entrepreneurs share their personal brand story, how they embrace awkward, and have created wildly successful businesses by showing up with rawthenticity on social media, and in life.