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See the Good in You – Finding clarity for your personal brand

Format: Paperback ($24.95) / PDF ($14.95)

Length: 71 pages


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Personal branding is not just for celebrities.

It’s how you help others see the good in you, and what you do.With stories from my life shared with authenticity, reflective questions, and challenges, this is a guided workbook for self discovery. Intentionally designed in a paper format to help you take time to physically and mentally connect with it. There’s room write answers, affirmations, goals and notes as you work to see the good in you, and what you do.

It’s not a boring business book.

I believe personal branding is more than filtered Instagram photos, logos and colors. It starts with gaining clarity and understanding yourself better. Personal branding begins with you as a person.

Each book directly sold through my website will have a bonus gift, and personalized note from me because you’re worth it.


Jen is a great cheerleader! There was a specific section that ties so directly to the work I’m doing now, it felt like affirmation to keep going.
- Amy E.

My Hidden Strength

Format: Paperback.

Length: 121 pages


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Many of us have dreamt of what we would be when we grow up. Then Life (career choices, bad relationships, disappointments, cultural change, etc.) comes at us hard and knocks us off our path. We begin to feel stuck, confused, and even insignificant.

My Hidden Strength is a compilation of experiences, best practices, and the character of several individuals who have turned their tragic moments into their most magical moments. In every chapter, you will experience how each Author used their unique approach to help them discover, develop, and sharpen the gifts they already own.

My Hidden Strength is written to motivate, inspire, educate, and empower you to Do more, Have more and BE MORE. This book in intended to whisper in your ear yet shake your whole spirit with the words, “yes YOU too can do it”!

Jen Campbell’s poetry is featured in this anthology as a synopsis of each woman’s story to find the strength within herself.

Such an interesting story about self-discovery, fate, and how we react to what our Creator/The Universe has already mapped out for us!

Tina K.